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KN95 masks are classed as a filtering face-peice respirator (FFR). These can also be called disposable respirators.

FFRs are subject to regulatory standards around the world. These standards are recommended by health authorities during a pandemic or emergency as the standards full-fill physical properties and performance that satisfy clinical health and safety requirements.

It is the most effective preventative accessory on the market. It has the ability to shield your respiratory system from any harmful agents such as COVID-19, bacteria, dust and other harmful agents.

The KN95 mask has a 5 layer design:

  1. Surface layer - white/black non-woven fabric: block air pollution particles from entering.
  2. PM2.5 particle layer - ultra-fine filter paper layer designed to effectively prevent the entrance of PM2.5 particles.
  3. Anti-bacterial layer - designed to prevent and block foreign bacteria and air pollution particles from entering, which stops the spreading of bacteria.
  4. Inner protection layer - high-quality non-woven fabric: soft, breathable and thin.
  5. Final fabric protection layer - non-woven fabric layer, complete filtering.